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The Best CRM Software in the US 🇺🇸 2023

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Know What You’re Buying

Selecting a CRM entails a substantial investment. It’s crucial to understand your sales team’s processes and identify features that can support them as a starting point for your pricing considerations. To obtain the best deal, you must align your needs with the suitable pricing tier. However, be aware of potential pitfalls beyond this step.

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CRM features and benefits explained

Contact / lead management

Storing and using prospect details to nurture relationships are at the core of a CRM system.

Deal management

When there’s a sales opportunity, the deal management feature helps increase productivity so your team can close the deal. 

Workflow automation

Automation can get critical tasks done while saving time: for example, email templates can be scheduled to go out to prospects when they reach a certain stage in the sales funnel.

Bulk emails

Sending bulk emails to contacts can advance relationships and save sales teams a lot of time. You can usually store and personalize email templates and customize recipient groups.

Call and email logs

Keeping track of customer communications in a centralized CRM platform removes the need to rely on human memory and ensures teams are equipped with the latest information on the relationship.

Lead generation

A good CRM system helps you gather new leads in a cost-efficient way. This can include inputting business card data via mobile app and scraping the internet for specific customer profiles.

Looking For The Best CRM Software of 2023?

In our analysis, we examined 17 leading CRM software options available today. While some didn’t make the cut, notable contenders that did include Pipedrive, Hubspot, and ClickUp.

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